Pages past their "publish until" date still accessible by URL

NCV MEEK asked on November 6, 2019 21:00

We have recently noticed that pages we have "unpublished" by setting a "Publish until" date are still accessible by anyone who has saved the page URL. Its not what we expected, but may be standard practice rather than an error. So... how do we "remove" a page so that its URL will no longer find it, ideally without actually deleting the page?

I have read something about archiving, but we don't currently use Workflow, which I think would be needed for Archiving in the Kentico context.

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Mike Wills answered on November 6, 2019 23:25


It is expected behavior that a page would no longer be available after its "Publish to" date is reached. I just double-checked the scenario in Kentico v10.0.51. However, there's a few things that could affect this.

Are you still authenticated when testing this? If you are using a browser that is already authenticated as an editor, then you have permission to view expired pages. Have you tried viewing the page in an Incognito window?


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Juraj Ondrus answered on November 7, 2019 08:57

Also if you are using workflows - is the version od the page with the "Publish to" date in the published step? If not, the previously published version of the page is available. You need to publish this version of the page first. For more details please see this KB article.

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NCV MEEK answered on November 7, 2019 12:43

Thank you both! To clarify, we are NOT using workflow, and do not particularly want to. We are using v10.0.0 and the "de-published" page is visible in a "no-logged-in, incognito" session. - so I think my first action is to look at applying the latest hotfix and see if that does the job. Thank you very much!

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