Difference between content scheduling and workflow publishing


This article will explain the difference between the two methods of publishing a document to the live site.

Content scheduling uses the Publish From/To fields, and is used when you want to publish or hide a document on the live site at a certain date and time.

Workflow publish is more of a final step of the document content approval process.

When using both of these methods together, there is often confusion as to how it is supposed to work.

Let's imagine the current scenario; you have just created a new document called 'My Page', and published this document to your live site.  After publishing this document to the live site, you realize this document wasn't supposed to be published to the live site until some future date, so you set the Publish from field to a future date.  After setting this future date, you expect the 'My page' document to be removed from the live site, but instead, the document still remains published.  The reason behind this behavior is, you have actually created two versions of the 'My Page' document.  The first version was created when the 'My Page' document was created, and the second version was created when the Publish from field was set to a future date.  In this scenario, the first version (original document) will stay on the live site until the date in the Publish from field is reached, at which point the second version of this page will be displayed on the live site via the content scheduling task.

If you want to hide the previous version of the document, you need to archive it. Alternatively, you could set the Publish to field to a time in the past, publish the document under the workflow, start a new workflow cycle, set a new Publish From date, and then approve this change – workflow publish.


Applies to: Kentico CMS/EMS, all versions


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