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Shweta S asked on June 26, 2017 23:07

I have a pagetype with a field name called Multiple Links. I would like to give editors the capability to add multiple links to that field. Something similar to page attachments but instead add multiple texts/links. Example: Enter a link and click add. Continue to add more.

I do not see any inbuilt form control to achieve that.

Is there any way I can make that happen or I will have to create a custom form control?

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 26, 2017 23:27

You can use the WYSIWYG editor on a rich text field OR you can create your own form control.

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Ilesh Mistry answered on June 26, 2017 23:41

Brenden's right, you most likely would need to create a new form control. However have you considered using the 'Related pages' form control if you want to link to pages within the site?

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harshal bundelkhandi answered on June 29, 2017 14:41

You Can Create Custom Form Controls & Register to Form Controls in CMS. Give permission to display in custom Page type.i did same thing. i am displaying gridview add edit delete functionality with Custom Form Control Validation features also. here is the base class custom form control FormEngineUserControl

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