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L B asked on April 17, 2018 07:44


I would like to inherit some webpart from the master to the sub pages in ASPX + Portal mode.

The documentation seems to say it is not possible but I would like a confirmation.

It should be possible somehow since on my understanding the Portal page create a virtual ASPX page in the DB but after some test I didn't find a way to do it.

The use case:

  • Master page with a header/footer customisable via portal engine (for the content editors)
  • Sub pages inherit the header/footer from the master
  • Sub pages will have their own web part area but most of it will be in the template (as it will be auto generated)

Why not using a full Portal Page?

To be sure that we know when the template is updated via the code and therefore goes through dev/staging/uat/prod chain and is valid at the last step. Nobody can miss the copy paste, modify by mistake or break the code in the portal layout editor.

That's it, Any Idea would be great.


Correct Answer

Juraj Ondrus answered on April 17, 2018 12:19

Page nesting is available in pure portal engine only since there is no other way how to set it for the user. In your case, you can use the ASPX code to inherit what you want and use asp Placeholders just like in an ASPX page template development.

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Rui Wang answered on April 17, 2018 21:27

L B, if your concern is that if you create the master page in VS, it's not customization by content editor, you can create a page type with editable fields for the component you want the editor to control in the header and footer. Then in your master page, you can use API to get value from a Config page using that page type to render the managed content. Other component in the header/footer should be dynamically generated by other controls (e.g. repeater or hierarchical viewer for navigation).

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