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Daniel Brake asked on August 8, 2018 15:56

How can I force the Page Name Source of a custom page type to be generated from a combination of fields like "First Name" [space] "Last Name"?

I have created a custom page-type defining the staff members working for an organization ("Name" "Email" "Phone", etc.) Originally, I had one field for "Name", which contained the staff member first and last name (e.g. John White). I need this to expand to contain "First Name" and "Last Name", but still need the Page Name to reflect both of those values.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 8, 2018 16:02

You can create a custom event handler OR add other field(s) for it. Typically in the case of people like your example, I have FullName, FirstName and LastName fields and state specifically on the first and last name fields, they are for ordering while FullName is for display.

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