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john martin asked on March 1, 2017 15:04

Is it possible to disable or take a page in offline mode on live site. I am not asking to offline the whole site, i need to take some pages in offline mode, these pages will not be live but accessible for development or maintenance purpose.

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 1, 2017 15:29 (last edited on March 1, 2017 15:31)

If you have basic workflow turned on, any page that is unpublished or archived you can still view in Preview Mode when logged in.

Just set the "Publish To" Date to "Now" and save, this will unpublish it.

ALong with basic workflow, you can edit a page and not have it go live till you hit the "Publish" on it, the basic workflow is Edit -> Publish -> Archive, and if you make any changes to a published page it goes into edit mode and the changes are only live to you while the published version of the document is live to the public.

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Zach Perry answered on March 1, 2017 16:14

You can change the permissions to view the page, and then only allow access to your developers or who you deem need access. But the page will still show up in for example the site navigation if the web part is pulling it. In that case you would need to go with Trevor's approach and unpublish the page.

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