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Naresh Ede asked on July 5, 2019 03:39

Hi All,

I'm facing a issue while synchronizing pages in staging application. I have a two environments dev & test.

There is a page in both environments, let's say "/about" page.

And it has multiple aliases both environments

  1. /about-us
  2. /about-organization

Whenever we are "synchronizing current page" without modifying any content in about us page from dev(source) to test(target), the already existed aliases for /about page on test(target) environment are being deleted.

We don't want those aliases to be deleted. We are using Kentico Version 11.

Please help me to identify and resolve the issue.


Naresh Ede

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 5, 2019 04:01

Are you making changes in the target server? If so this is your problem.

The proper way to use content staging is to make your changes in the source and push them to the target and NOT make changes in the target sever.

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Naresh Ede answered on July 5, 2019 04:18

Hi Brenden,

I'm not making any changes in target sever.

Actually i have created a test enviroment by restoring dev database.

I have cleaned up all the staging tasks in dev server. and selected on page in staging application then clicked on "Synchronize Current Page". Then the URL aliases in target server are gone.

But i can able to see the aliases in source server.

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