Overwrite import to localization resource string does not sync the value of the usage of the resourc

Chun-Khye Lau asked on August 18, 2017 04:30

I have used Kentico Import Toolkit to import resources string from a csv file. When I go to Localization tab, the resources strings are updated, with the new value that from the csv file, this is fine. But on my pages, all the usage of the localization resource string value was not updated,it still show the previous old value. But then if I update the localization resource string directly on the localization tab, the value does update / get sync immediately. Is there anything that I do wrong? Please advise, thanks.

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Jan Šedo answered on August 18, 2017 14:01

I'm suspecting that the resource strings will be cached. What kind of caching if any do you have configured on your site? If you clear the site's cache (in the System application) after the import from the toolkit, are the resource strings updated? You might find some relevant information here: https://docs.kentico.com/k10/configuring-kentico/optimizing-website-performance/configuring-caching

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Trevor Fayas answered on August 18, 2017 14:04

also could be you are updating the resources through a sql insert and not using the api, using the api triggers cache resets through cache dependencies, so a manual clearing of cache may be required if you can't do it though actual updates of the localization info objects

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