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lawrence whittemore asked on June 13, 2017 21:20

we have a Sharepoint site that is going away and being converted into a kentico site (Yay!) but have run into a couple problems. The first problem is, they us .mht files that when opened from the Sharepoint site load in the browser, in the kentico site, the files are downloaded. Is there a way to have them not try to load the ASPX link first and just point right to the file? The files are being uploaded in the the tree as the file page type.

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Development Support Avastonetech answered on June 14, 2017 15:48 (last edited on June 14, 2017 15:49)

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Trevor Fayas answered on June 14, 2017 15:50

Files on the content tree, although has an ASPX ending (which can be changed in the Settings), it should still render the file as the .mht

If this is downloading vs. rendering, you probably just need to define the proper MIME Type in your IIS, this tells the browser "What" a file is so it can properly handle it.

i think the mime type is multipart/related, try adding that for .mht in your IIS settings.

OTherwise if you must have a .mht extension, you can do this through the URL properties of the file node, create a new Alias and specify mht for the extension.

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