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ruchika sharma asked on May 12, 2021 13:48


I created a demo site, enabled onsite editing feature from settings and created a user with Editor privilege. assigned role of CMS editor to him. Also given access to him on UI personalisation for onsite edit for Content, Design modules - everything checked. On browser when I access my site as https://domain/cmsedit, it prompts me for creds and when i login, it says access denied.

Please help. Thank you Ruchika

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Juraj Ondrus answered on May 13, 2021 08:08

What are the permissions for the CMS Editor role? I would try using the security debug and it will tell you what permission is missing.
In one browser login as admin, prepare the debugging. Open a second, other browser and get ready to access the page. In the first browser, clear the debug log (so you do not have to go through lots of logs). In the second browser, perform given action as the user. Get back to the admin browser, refresh the security debug and you should see what permission is denied.
Is the user able to access admin UI or not?

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ruchika sharma answered on May 13, 2021 13:38

hi Juraj

Security debug says

CheckPrivilegeLevel Result-False Permission UI element-Admin

thank you Ruchika

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Juraj Ondrus answered on May 14, 2021 06:21

It looks like some UI element permission is missing. But I would still double check the user's role. Maybe I would disable UI personalization for now, since it is adding just another level and configure it just with the user role to start with. And then, once this is working, enable UI personalization and add the allowed elements.

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