not able to create new Site, getting error.

Bijay Tamang asked on March 1, 2017 19:34

Hi, Getting some server/ runtime error.

Steps that caused this issue:-

• Created a new Site

• Tried to Delete the same site after a while

• It took more than a while (kept loading), then I refreshed the page to see if this will help, I got server/runtime error

• Was not able to login into kentico portal at all

• Later figured out that the folder "Admin" and "App_data" was automatically deleted so had to copy the folders manually.

• Now, the application is running but there is no Sites under Sites application even though the site is running.

• The options to create new site or the import site is still there but the names of the site that display right beneath is showing an error "The UniGrid definition file 'E:\ASPENMemberPro\CMS\App_Data\CMSModules\CMS\UI\Grids\cms_site\default.xml' was not found. Specify the path in the 'Grid path' property of the UI element on the Properties tab. You can enter only the name of the XML file and select an 'Object type' to load the XML definition file from ~/App_Data/{modulename}/UI/Grids/{objecttype}/fileName.xml. If you leave the grid path empty, the 'default.xml' name is used."

Image Text

How it happened? Even though the place where it displays the site name only is showing the error, how the application is running?



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Brenden Kehren answered on March 1, 2017 20:40

I'd start with a new install and database. What seems to have happened is the /App_Data directory was inadvertently deleted by someone. There is nothing in the system to run code to delete this so we'll rule out the fact that Kentico had something to do with this because there are system files in the /App_Data directory which the site needs in order to run.

As I mentioned, do a fresh install and go that way.

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 1, 2017 20:30

Almost seems like a total SNAFU, not sure how the Admin/App_Data folders were deleted, but in general seems like a processes did not get to finish running and it only partially deleted, in which case either fresh install or try to do a database roll back...

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