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Brad Chapman asked on January 26, 2021 23:58

Hey All I'm having all manner of issues with using sort filters. e.g;

MenuItemName desc;;A-Z
documentcreatedwhen;;Most Recent

On occasion selection results in the control losing it's option values. I've seen this behavior when attempting to create other sort scenarios based on name, class, etc. and, when used in conjunction with other conditional web parts the effect is spread across all controls - all option values disappear.

The behaviour seams very dépendant on the number of results returned; i.e.; rarely if the search paging is set to default, ALWAYS if search paging is set to, say, 100 per page with 1 page.

Is this a bug or am I just not being intuitive in the right way?

Some advice would be great.

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 27, 2021 16:49

Hey Brad,

Sometimes this happens if you have your paging and other "filtering" items set to querystring vs. postback. If using querystring, you'd need to provide that selected sort option in the querystring as well and set it on load. Posting back that control should retain its viewstate, but the minute you navigate away, it causes problems.

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Brad Chapman answered on January 28, 2021 05:53

Thanks Brenden.

OK, so I have my 5 conditional smart search filters and search search dialog (button only) in one panel; these manually trigger a post back search to the Smart Search Results in another panel on the same template. The Search Results shares a web part zone set to use update panel with the non-conditional smart search filter used for the ordering - this is set to auto-postback.

The 5 conditional filters do not auto-postback but the ordering one does - normal behavior for such a scenario. As these are all in the same template using a smart search dialogue I would assume they are all using query string - how else would I determine this as to my knowledge there is no mechanism to set them otherwise.

Could the mixed panels and postback controls be causing the problem do you think?

Appreciate the feedback. The worrying thing from my stand point is the inconsistency not the error and whether this is a bug.

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alex sunny answered on January 30, 2021 13:05 (last edited on February 20, 2021 09:33)

I think I was not able to explain the problem properly.

My question is, if we import a contact from Kentico UI => admin (email and name), will it go to OM_Contact table? And after that, if we register a new user with the code above, will it create a new contact?

If it creates a new contact, then how in code can we avoid this?

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Brad Chapman answered on February 10, 2021 05:55

Ignoring Alex's contribution above (wrong thread) any further comments on this?

I've also noted a peculiar scenario where having a category filter drop down filter and adding a single category filter to the search condition in the smart search results web part appears to completely break search... e.g. +documentcategoryids:(15). Guess this is all over to the support guys to look at.

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