MVC widget to upload Desktop and Mobile images seperately

innovix solutions asked on February 3, 2019 07:10

we are developing a kentico 12 mvc widget. However, we have to upload desktop and mobile images separately via CMS. In that case, we can upload mobile images in widget but upload-er cannot view the mobile images unless they make it screen size to mobile in cms as well. Any suggestion for this?

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Ilesh Mistry answered on February 3, 2019 22:40

One option is to use the preview mode

MVC Preview Mode

The other thing you could try and using Workflows along with this and therefore could view the front end when the browser is resized.

If you need the different images to be shown, you could adapt your widget to display these images after upload within the widget inline editor view?

If not, can you provide more information on this please?

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