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Rahim Remtulla asked on August 28, 2019 16:29


i am looking for some advice on a kentico migration, we have about 7/8 different sites setup in our portal engine instance , all fairly standard using bindings etc.

now we are moving to migrate all our sites to MVC to keep up to date etc , i have found one or two articles about it , but i am not seeing any clear guides for if i wanted to create multiple sites using the same kentico admin etc.

things i am looking for help with.

  1. the actual solution file , do we put all sites as seperate projects in one , or do we have seperate solutions for each site.
  2. shared code/features between sites - what is the best practice for this.
  3. examples - any possible examples of a multi site setup would be very helpful.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 28, 2019 17:49

If you haven't read this article, this is a great one on the overall architecture. It suggests both a large MVC app as well as separate MVC apps are possible but should you actually do it is another question. Regarding how you set that up in Visual Studio is a whole other question which I believe you'll get different answers from different people because of personal preference.

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Rahim Remtulla answered on August 30, 2019 13:19

i have gone through that article , although it does say both is possible , ideally i am looking for some examples so we can move forward with the development etc.

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