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Yowaraj Chhetri asked on June 8, 2018 07:35

Hi, I have a requirement of developing multichannel website. There are 2 channels channel1 and channel2. If users select channel1, they will be shown homepage of channel1 and its associated navigation and content page and same goes with channel2. Both the channels follow similar content tree structure and will have two different home page as well. My idea is to follow this structure.

Master Page -- root level

--Channel 1 (folder)-level1

----Home Page - level2

----News and Events (folder) - level2

---- etc..-level 2

--Channel 2 (folder)-level1

----Home Page - level2

----News and Events (folder) - level2

---- etc..-level 2

There will be sharing of content from channel1 to channel2 but not vice versa. Each channel will search respective areas in sitewide search. However, in advanced search there will be option to search both the channels. Channel1 should not see channel2 folder in cms and vice versa, each channels will have their own content editor and publisher. Depending upon the users and they permission type they will be shown the homepage. Each channel will have respective page templates but thinking to use same page types. Will my structure suits this requirements? Sharing of content can be done either by checkbox filed in standard content page for channel1 or creating separate shared repo folder.

looking for advice and suggestions. Thanks

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Rui Wang answered on June 8, 2018 16:51

Yes, your structure will work. You can actually create master page on the Channel 1 and Channel 2 level, so each sub site will use it's own master page.

For shared content, you can use Linked Page option to virtually show a page from C1 under C2. And if the template setting for that page is set to inherit from parent, when C1 page displayed in C2, it will have the C2 look and feel.

The permission would be the easy part as they are set on the folder/branch level.

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Yowaraj Chhetri answered on June 12, 2018 08:04

Hi Rui Wang, Thank you for suggestions and advice. Actually I will be creating two different workflows each for C1 and C2, as C1 editor should not see C2 and vice versa. So creating linked page from C1 to show in C2 may not work as C2 editor will not have access to C1. Furthermore, as you said, creating master page for each branch C1 and C2, do I need to create a root level master page as well? and sub master page will inherit from the root level. Thanks

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Rui Wang answered on June 12, 2018 15:31

You sure can create different workflow and set the scope to cover each section. You can also set starting alias path to editors so their starting view in the tree would be C1 or C2, not the root.

You don't need to do anything on the root level masterpage unless there are shared components between the two C level master pages.

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Yowaraj Chhetri answered on June 13, 2018 03:03

Hi Rui, Thanks for the clarification. My top external links are common to all the channels. Therefore, I will have that on root master page and sub master page can inherit that. Regarding the shared content across from C1 to C2. (eg, thinking to create two different newspage page types for C1 and C2 as this one is heavy loaded site). how would sharing of content can be done, though it is a newspage but of different page type? Thanks

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Rui Wang answered on June 13, 2018 13:27

If the news pages for the 2 sections are pretty much the same you can use the same page type. You can always use starting node path (/C1/% or /C2/%) within Repeater to control if you only want to display news from one section versus the other. You can create two different transformation for the same page type if you want to display them little differently between the two.

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