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Naresh Ede asked on January 2, 2018 06:55

Hi I'm trying to load the Iframe of url(http://). Actually my site is SSL secured, so it was showing an error in console and not rendered the Iframe. (mixed content the page at was loaded over https but requested an insecure resource) Is it possible to render that iframe over my https site.


Naresh Ede

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Prashant Verma answered on January 2, 2018 07:08 (last edited on January 2, 2018 07:24)

Hi Naresh,

If the user access a site using HTTPS is expecting to have a secured experience, and he may not be aware of parts of the application loading under not secure connections. That is the reason why the browser blocks such inconsistency.

Yes you can load your iframe but it should be HTTPS enabled.


Happy to help!

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 2, 2018 07:18

On the server hosting the page you are using as an iframe you need to enable https to resolve that error

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