Migration from Kentico 7 to Kentico 8.x on Azure

Prashant Parihar asked on January 12, 2015 15:14

Hi All,

I need to migrate some of my kentico 7 sites to kentico 8.x (Azure).

Could anybody please advise if there is any tool or documentation available for the same?

Thanks Prashant

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 12, 2015 15:45

When you say migrate do you mean a tool to do it all for you or just move it to Azure? Also what service within Azure are you looking for Cloud Services, Website, VM? If VM, of course this is the simplest as you can simply move your work from your current server to your new Azure VM. If one of the other, you will have to convert your database to an Azure friendly SQL database and make modifications to your website. I'd suggest doing the upgrade first in your local environment, then moving to Azure.

Here's the documentation on Azure

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Filip Ligač answered on January 14, 2015 10:29 (last edited on January 14, 2015 10:30)

Hi Prashant,

Brenden is right, the standard upgrade is the recommended way. I am just adding a link to the documentation for upgrading Kentico Azure projects (Cloud Services model in Azure) from v7 to v8 - Upgrading Microsoft Azure Projects.

If you are currently utilizing Azure Websites or Virtual Machines, the upgrade process is the same as for standard on-premise projects - Upgrading Kentico 7 to 8.

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