Media Library Upload image dont work after save

eljei delrio asked on January 5, 2018 07:30

I cant uplaod image on media library. After i open the image on fileInput there are following errors on console. I already check the event log then there is no issue. my error is on :
POST https://localhost/CMSModules/MediaLibrary/CMSPages/MultiFileUploader.ashx?InstanceGuid=30ceac8d-cc97-4b7a-a9f3-81c94b6eb33d&filename=mitsubishi-wallpapers-13.jpg&FilesCount=1&ResizeArgs=0;0;0&GetBytes=true&MediaLibraryArgs=MediaLibraryID%7c11%7cMediaFolderPath%7c%7cMediaFileID%7c0%7cIsMediaThumbnail%7cFalse%7cMediaFileName%7c%7cHash%7cc4d329567afd9110a15279a78898e202d33c62a8d7b8784dd1a7e8151497cdfa&AdditionalParameters=SourceType%7cMediaLibraries%7cParentElementID%7clibraries%7cIsInsertMode%7cTrue%7cAfterSaveJavascript%7c%7cTargetFolderPath%7c%7cTargetFileName%7c%7cIncludeNewItemInfo%7cTrue%7cOnlyImages%7cFalse%7cRaiseOnClick%7cFalse%7cTargetAliasPath%7c%7cTargetCulture%7c%7cEventTarget%7c%7cHash%7c8f0854659e40933e6d755439cd7c6abcced1a77aad42b96c12585941dfbafbc8&CurrentFileIndex=1&AllowedExtensions=pdf;doc;docx;ppt;pptx;xls;xlsx;htm;html;xml;bmp;gif;jpg;jpeg;png;wav;wma;wmv;mp3;mp4;mpg;mpeg;mov;avi;swf;rar;zip;txt;rtf;webm;ogg;wav;ogv;oga;svg;eps|Hash|cbe98aaa1ed9d9d14ec54530c9d3d05f19f7ea19e57436c20710dceca8a01645 net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

and also on MultiFileUploader.js/GetResouce

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Prashant Verma answered on January 5, 2018 08:37 (last edited on January 5, 2018 08:39)

Hi eljei,

Can you please share some more information about the issue.

1.Just to confirm are you able to upload the file successfully? If yes then did you try to open it with the suggested URL after upload or its fails to load and throw an error as 404 not found?

2.Your SSL certificate is valid one for your localhost?

3.Your kentico media library folder having read/write permissions?

Note: As per the suggested information you getting on console it seems there is something wrong with HTTPS enabled and SSL certificate on your kentico site. To ensure can you check it with HTTP request example login to your kentico admin using HTTP http:/localhost/admin then try to upload the image and see what happen next?


Happy to help !

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 5, 2018 16:53

Typically you don't run 'localhost' with the HTTPS protocol, I suggest removing that and using only HTTP. Also check to see if you are forcing the Admin to be run in HTTPS, this could cause problems if you have a bad certificate.

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