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SHANE EBERT asked on June 2, 2017 22:20

Hello, I want to create a marketing automation step that notifies me (transactional email) if a contact has visited a page, if the contact doesn't visist a page in 7 days, I want to continue to the next step.

I have kinda figured it out, but am missing a crucial step and need help.

I can't get the automation to do what I want, so far I have put a "Wait" step in before a "Condition" step, but I have to wait 7 days before I get notified. I want to be notified right away. Below shows what I am talking about.

Can someone help me? Image Text

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Trevor Fayas answered on June 2, 2017 23:29

If i was to take a guess, i would say the wait isn't what you are looking for.

I would say you may want to use the First-Win, with the 1st condition "Contact Visited the Page" and the 2nd condition "7 Days have passed since first email"

That should allow for the immediate notification (first win) or the 2nd email if they do not visit within 7 days.

Try that! Don't forget with each thing you need to set the conditions with a macro rule that will resolve either true or false.

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Pavel Jiřík answered on June 5, 2017 10:45

Hi Shane!

In your case, you will need to create two marketing automation processes:

First one would be similar to your current one, but you would add a step that would add the contact into a contact group (e.g. ContactsWhoSubmittedTheForm). Then you would wait 7 days and check if the contact visited the page and continue further accordingly.

The second automation process would be set to be triggered by a page visit of the specific page. In the process itself, there would be condition step that would check if the contact is in the contact group (e.g. ContactsWhoSubmittedTheForm) and if yes, it would send you the notification email right away (so you wouldn't need to wait 7 days).

I hope it helps!

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