Making a case for Kentico 9 vs 8.2

Tristan Geilich asked on March 7, 2016 22:40

We will be developing a new web site for a client who already has a Kentico 8.2 license. I am trying to make a case for developing the site using Kentico 9. Some key features I have found so far include:

  • faster performance (how much in real-world terms?)
  • better integration with .Net MVC
  • content staging tasks can be synchronized per user account
  • better rollback functionality: previously we had to make full database backups, content staging in Kentico 8.2 causes issues for restoring previous versions of a page.
  • built in source control support for GIT

It looks like Kentico integration with the client's existing database may be possible. Has anyone done this? What are the limitations or caveats?

Is there a discount for upgrading the license from 8.2 to 9?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 8, 2016 04:40

If they have a license for 8.2, is their maintenance current? If so, simply go to the client portal and upgrade it for free. This can be done without any cost. Either way, the licensing cost doesn't come from the version, it comes from the type (base, ultimate, ems, etc.).

So assuming they purchased their license about a year ago, their maintenance should be current or close to current and you either get current on your maintenance or just go to the client portal and see if it will allow you to upgrade your license and get a new key for v9.

If they don't have the site built, there is no reason to build it on v8.2 at all.

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