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Andre Pfanz asked on April 4, 2018 23:25

We are in the long process of upgrading a Kentico site from 8.1 to 11. I can get the site to run fine locally in v8.1. However, after I run the upgrade to 8.2, I get all kinds of macro errors such as this

Error while evaluating expression: GetResourceString("EventLogList.EventTypeWarning")

Cannot bind to the target method because its signature or security transparency is not compatible with that of the delegate type.

This occurs even after I resign the macros. All these errors happen right after I run the upgrade program that upgrades the site from 8.1 to 8.2.

I know 8.2 is no longer supported, but I've run up against a brick wall. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 4, 2018 23:39

Are you sure the dlls in the BIN directory upgraded to 8.2? You might want to check this out and verify the version is correct.

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Andre Pfanz answered on April 5, 2018 19:04

I checked the bin directory. All the files are in 8.2 except for these 2:

CMS.Controls.XmlSerializers.dll CMS.LicenseProvider.XmlSerializers.dll

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 6, 2018 15:41

Then move up one directory to the install directory and check in the LIB directory for those 2 dlls. If both of them are 8.2, then copy them to the /CMS/bin directory and override the 8.1 dlls. Most likely the upgrade tool couldn't stop the site or access to those files during the upgrade process.

Best thing to do in this case is to stop the site in IIS to make sure no processes are accessing any of the files. This includes having the project open in Visual Studio. Sometimes that alone causes problems.

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