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Francis Carroll asked on July 26, 2022 13:53


I have a live website that is on IIS 10 Kentico version 13.0.72 using ASP.NET CORE.

We are experiencing issues with a form on the mobile load balanced version of our site. Some users were not able to submit a default Kentico form, When they pressed the submit button it became highlighted but the form never fired to submit.

After some investigation this was only happening on the load balanced server for the mobile version of the form. Is this behaviour normal or is there some other underlying issue?

Should the admin be load balanced as well as the front end, as we only have the front end being load balanced on a second server?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on July 28, 2022 07:46

How is the form implemented - using the online form widget? I would check how is the load balancer configured and what is the mobile version implemented. If it was issue in Kentico I would expect the problem to occur on the normal, desktop live site too. This seems to me that the load balancer is not handling the requests from mobile devices right. Are you using sticky or non-sticky sessions? How is the load balancer handling desktop vs. mobile device requests?

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