Kentico webfarm task not working properly

harshal bundelkhandi asked on December 18, 2019 17:44

Hi Support, I have 4 web farm is showing the state is healthy.but webfarm task is not cleaning properly.whenever i make the content changes on the not showing the updated content whenever i refresh the website page.Also it showing the count more than 30k task [CMS_WebFarmTask] db table. Thanks,

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 18, 2019 18:08

Couple questions:

  1. What version?
  2. Has web farms been set up and running well without issue prior to this?
  3. Do you have Redis cache or sql session setup for the servers?

Part of the problem is there are 30k tasks. The system is trying to sync thoes 30k tasks every time it processes and it fails. So the best thing to do is to clear up those 30k tasks using a sql statement or delete them one by one in the UI.

Next thing to do is verify your web farm is working properly when you make a single or small change. Verify you're change is being synced and it is published when accessing the other server.

Lastly, verify your web farm is configured properly within Kentico and with Redis or SQL session.

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harshal bundelkhandi answered on December 19, 2019 02:27

Hi Brendan,Thank you so much for your reply. 1)we are using kentico version 9 2)yes all the web farm servers working well .it showing on healthy State. 3)we have done SQL session setup with dyanmo db. Site content changes are reflected on the other servers.but it is taking time to reflect need to clear system cache number of times to see the changes on all the servers. How can I cross check webfarm with SQL session setup. Thanks,

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Juraj Ondrus answered on December 27, 2019 10:42

What is the exact version, including hotfix? Have you tried restarting all the web farm servers? Are there any errors in the Event log? Or are there any tasks in the Tasks tab of the Web farm app? If yes, then there should be also an error logged - for some reason the web farm servers are not picking up the tasks - could be also some connection issue.

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