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Bijay Tamang asked on February 6, 2017 22:26

Hi, The search results summary is pulling up the random parts/texts of the page. For instance, its taking heading from one panel and alongside the content from different parts/ panel of the page. Thus it is really not making any sense together. We are using the default Kentico search so I am not sure whether this is how it is supposed to be.

Thus instead of showing like the way we have right now, can we show the relevant/applicable sentence only? or depending upon the given length, also some parts of the next sentence following it.

Thanks, Bijay

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 6, 2017 22:38

You will need to specify which page types you want to include and what each of the content areas are for each of them. If you don't want them searchable then set that on the page type. You might have to post more specifics on your search index in order to provide specifics on what to enable, disable or change.

You might also check out the documentation.

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Bijay Tamang answered on February 7, 2017 18:27 (last edited on February 7, 2017 18:29)

I am specifying the configuration here:-

Index type: Pages

Analyzer Type: Standard

Stops words: Default

Web part for search result: Smart Search results

And in the Indexed content section, I have included the pages/ folder I want to include or exclude depending upon the requirement.

I am not using custom search, It's the default search smart Kentico provides.


I have accordion that contains 5 panels - test1, test2, test3, test4, and test 5. Test1 panel contains the sentence "How may I choose or change a beneficiary?", I am searching the same thing in search. Now in search result, I can see "test4" and some random content from inside of test 2 panel.

Please Note :- The panel scenario is not exact.

Hopefully I have explained thoroughly this time.

Thank you for the help.

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