Kentico emails always stuck in queue and not sending

Leo Rockswold asked on July 28, 2023 18:36

Specific kentico emails are always in the queue and emails like forgot password consistently fail to send. Sometimes they never make it to the queue.

When looking at a specific user account, clicking generate a new password, does not send an email.

Steps taken: Clearing the queue. Restarting the app. Stopping the scheduled tasks. Clearing out the queue again.

It consistently ends up showing this banner image

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Juraj Ondrus answered on July 29, 2023 15:26

What is the hotfix you are using? In one of the last hotfixes was a bug fixed which caused the queue to get stuck in case of unexpected SMTP server response.
E-mail engine - Emails stuck in the sending state in special cases
The system stopped sending emails in rare cases when an SMTP server did not return any response. Emails remained stuck in the email queue with the 'Sending' state. On instances with only one SMTP server configured, this scenario could fully block sending of emails.

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