Kentico Admin - Customize email sent when user password is generated

Jon Bowen asked on March 10, 2020 16:12

A generic email is sent to a user with their User Name and Password after an admin clicks "Generate new password" on the Password tab of the User. Is there a way to customize the email that is sent to the user (basically add styles, company logo, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.

Correct Answer

Arjan van Hugten answered on March 10, 2020 16:21

The email that is send is based on the Membership - Changed password template. You can edit this under the email templates application.


Generating a new password You can generate a completely new password by clicking the Generate new password button. The affected user receives an email, based on the Membership - Changed password email template, containing the generated password and a recommendation to immediately change it. This password complies with the set password policy (a string of 8 characters containing at least one non-alphanumeric character by default).

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