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Casey Mack asked on April 7, 2021 00:42

Can someone help explain something to a Kentico 13 Newb non-dev... I have agent profile pages where I want to re-use content from my /learning-center/ content tree and keep the url structure.

/agent/agent A -
/agent/agent B -

/learning-center/insights/blog A
/learning-center/insights/blog B

Trying to get this structure... A A

Currently I am using the linked pages but it doesn't replicate the /learning-center/ child pages in the link structure or update the linked pages when I add new content to /learning-center/

I have hundreds of agents and when creating new agents, I would prefer for this /learning-center/ linked pages & children situation to be automatic upon creating a new agent page.

Any help or links or explanations would go a long way. Getting frustrated here trying to understand how to proceed.

Kentico 13
.net Core

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 7, 2021 00:52

If you want to continue down the linked page route that will work but you have to copy each linked page as individual pages, it does not copy/create child linked pages automatically. You could create a "base agent" node in the content tree then copy it when you add a new agent. You still have to update the other agents with any new or removed content though moving forward after that new agent is copied.

Otherwise I'd recommend setting up a "global" folder for those learning center items since they are all the same content. Leave the URL structure at the root of the site under /Learning-Center and just dynamically pull them all into each of the agent's areas. If you specifically need the URL to be specific to an agent then create a route for the pages.

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