Kentico 13 content tree based routing, changing a URL does not apply to all cultures

Noam Rinat asked on January 5, 2022 16:36

When changing a URL in Kentico 13 using content tree based routing, the new URL applies to the current culture only. This is different compared to portal engine, where making a change to a page URL applied to all cultures. Does anyone know of an easy way to apply URL changes to all cultures?

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 5, 2022 19:48

Couple of questions back to you:

  1. Where are you changing the URL?
  2. Can you give some examples of what you do in PE vs. what you're doing in MVC and what your outcomes are for both?

Also to clarify:

  1. Portal Engine used the NodeAliasPath field to generate public-facing URLs
  2. MVC/.NET Core DOES NOT use the NodeAliasPath field to generate public-facing URL slugs. The NodeAliasPath field is mainly for doing look-ups for content in your content tree now. To get the public-facing URL you need to go to General > URLs and get the slug from there.

So while PE may be doing what you want it to and MVC is not, it may be a misunderstanding of the underlying changes and how routing works with Kentico Xperience 13.

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