kentico 12 & 13 on the same machine

Bogdan Buczek asked on April 8, 2021 14:56

Can you have/install kentico 12 & 13 at the same time on the same machine? What are the difficulties and/or consequences?


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Brenden Kehren answered on April 8, 2021 15:20

Yes you can have multiple versions of Xperience installed on your machine. To clarify what's going on a bit more:

  • the installer you download has the tools needed to manage, at a very high level, your Xperience instances. Meaning the installer is independent of your website. Once you get your website code in place, you can uninstall the installer from your machine.
  • the installer lets you do the following:
    • create a new code base instance on your machine using the Kentico/Xperience Installation Manager (you can have 1 or 1,000 code bases on your machine)
    • run a data import into a given site using the Kentico/Xperience Import Toolkit
    • run the Kentico/Xperience Service Manager to manage your external running services
  • the installer DOES NOT care about the following:
    • how many sites you have on your machine
    • what version those sites are (the v8 installer can be on the machine and a v13 site can be running without issue)
  • once the installer has been installed on your machine and you have added a site, you can remove the installer if you wish. Your website does not depend on the installer to function.
  • you can only have one version of the installer installed at a time (like any other program you install on your machine). For instance, if you downloaded Microsoft Office 2016, installed it, and tried to install it again, it would fail and say you've already installed it. But if you downloaded Microsoft Office 2019 and tried to install it in addition to Microsoft Office 2016, it would install since they are 2 different versions.

You can install all versions of Xperience on your machine without issue. The question is why would you want to leave them on your machine after you have the code you need to develop your site(s)?

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David te Kloese answered on April 8, 2021 15:07


this should be no problem. They can run both as isolated instances. The only possible 'issue' you could encounter is that tools that where supported are not anymore.

e.g. SQL Version 2008 R2 is not supported in K13 but it was in K12. Or the minimum required version of Microsoft .NET Framework is now 4.8.

But for these things you can either run them next to each other (you can have multiple .NET frameworks installed), or there are higher SQL versions that support both.

See Breaking changes in K13 release notes:

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