Kentico 10 hotfix 50 - what is the issue?

Laurence Middleton asked on April 25, 2018 00:21

I upgraded a large Kentico installation (multiple sites) from 8.1 to Kentico 10. The latest hotfix when I did the work was Kentico 10.0.50.

We noticed today that hotfix 50 is no longer listed at - there is now a hotfix 51 following hotfix 49. I can't find a note explaining why hotfix 50 was removed.

I'm wondering: * is it strongly recommended to apply hotfix 51, and will it fix whatever was wrong in hotfix 50? * if any flaw in hotfix 50 dealt with pass-through authentication, since I am having issues adding Helicon APE (for a Basic Authentication challenge, to protect a QA site) and it worked just fine on the site (and others) before the Kentico 10 upgrade.

-- Laurence Middleton

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Juraj Ondrus answered on April 25, 2018 09:19

The hotfix 10.0.50 contained an error which occured under special circumstances and could corrupt UI elements. So the #50 hotfix was replaced with new one - no. 51. So, I would recommend applying the hotfix no.51.

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Trevor Fayas answered on April 25, 2018 06:02

The last hotfix (51) was to fix a found "Security Bug." I put in quotes only because it's a security bug that can only be exploited by someone who as Editor accesses (access to a certain unsanitized UI input).

No clue what happened to 50 though, perhaps they rolled it into 51...

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