Issues after upgrading our site to 8.2

victoria vilasiny asked on April 23, 2015 15:50

Hello Team,

We are facing a some issues after upgrading our site to 8.2 version.

We were having site in 8.0.21 version , so we upgraded it to 8.1 first , then we did not find much difference, but once we upgraded this copy to 8.2 following are the changes we saw.

  1. There is difference between our old design and the new one. Css and JS files are not included properly and due to this MasterPage is not displaying everything we had before. why is it so ? are we missing anything? And this is easily visible difference but do we need to check each and every corner like this :(

  2. We compared our old database with the new upgraded one. we saw that some of tables in new database have less records compared to old database. where as new database should have had more or same number records.

  3. What should we do to use our old database itself with minimum changes ?

This is very urgent. we need info about this as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards. Victoria

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 23, 2015 18:31 (last edited on April 24, 2015 14:00)

In 8.2 there were changes with JS files, more specifically the jquery library and how you can reference it. There is an article here. Adding the stylesheets and jquery librarys as a whole did not change, the functionality is still the same, just how your reference the jquery object ($).

When comparing your databaes and seeing a smaller number of records, what tables were you seeing this in? Is your data missing? There are several database and API changes which will affect the number of records and actual data as Kentico works towards new features and removing old, non-used features and optimizes the system. Unless your data is missing, I wouldn't be concerned.

In order to use your old database (v8.0.21) you would also need to roll back the code base for the website to that version as well. My question back to you is did you run the website each time after the upgrade? If not, this WILL cause problems.

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victoria vilasiny answered on April 24, 2015 12:39

Hello Brenden,

Thankyou for the reply.

Can you provide us the link to the article related to the changes with JS file. Yes we did run the website each time we did upgradation. Still we had these issues.

Regarding database changes, I will verify it one more time and will get back to you.


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Brenden Kehren answered on April 24, 2015 14:00

I updated my previous answer with the article providing more information.

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