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Amitabha Saha asked on February 23, 2016 13:26

HI, I am new in Kentico CMS. I have an existing web app in MVC 4 with Commerce server and Sql server. I need to integrate the CMS in my web app so that client can modify some particular section of my website. I want to do minimal changes to integrate the CMS with my site. Kentico have the option as I found in its documentation. But I am not sure how much changes I need to do in this case. Please help with your suggestions.

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 1, 2016 14:57

Sorry for missing this one.

To be honest, i usually try to avoid mixing MVC and Kentico, it may be a better option to keep the MVC as a virtual directory on the site. To my knowledge, although MVC support is growing, you still can't do portal editing in MVC, or minimal, plus there's the issue of needing a hard coded master page.

I've found ways to mimic MVC like behavior using Kentico's portal, but it may or may not be applicable. For example i converted the MVC View classes into data sources so i could use repeaters to display. I used Custom Tables and Forms and loaded data into them and then grabbed it out so they can edit form data using Kentico's forms engine, etc.

If you need more details, i can provide! Another option lastly is if you still want to 'integrate' i would see if you can duplicate the header / footer content from the master page and import it dynamically to the MVC header and footer, maybe through the .net HTMLAgilityPack to grab the header/footer and apply them to literals... all depends on the situation, pros and cons to each.

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