Infrastructure requirement for a HA/DR setup with Kentico

Husain Zahid asked on August 26, 2014 09:48

We are looking for using Kentico CMS for a prospect client. The client is interested in a HA/DR setup for their website. We have not been able to find any resources regarding the infrastructure requirements for hosting a Kentico based website in HA/DR environment. Please provide some technical details like:

-- Number of server required -- Were would the database be hosted in case of HA setup (on a standalone server)? -- How would the contents be synced between the staging environment and the production HA servers?

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 26, 2014 13:26

Working with one site that is highly available. There are 3 web farms (dev, staging and live). Each farm has 2 2012 Windows servers in it. There is also a highly available 2012 SQL Server instance running on a separate server. The web servers are using Windows DFS to sync files back and forth. The Kentico instance also uses the web farm module to sync the data and such back and forth. There is an f5 Load Balancer sitting in front of the web farm with an ASA. There are really no standards on how to set up your HA/DR Kentico solution simply because the base configuration can be so different depending on what the business needs.

Regarding syncing changes between staging and production that is a function of Kentico. In a matter of nearly minutes you can have this functionality setup. You can track changes to content, objects and other custom data in a "staging" instance and sync it across to a "production" instance. If you follow Kentico best practices, there should be no reason you cannot export and import any physical code changes (with some exceptions) from staging to production.

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