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kotetsu kotet asked on February 6, 2020 17:40

Hello Kentico, i'm having trouble with the navbar. I create a blog page but it doesn't appear in the navbar.

So ¿how do i iclude my blog page in the main navigation bar?

Here the images that show my tree and navbar

Thanks in advance!

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kotetsu kotet answered on February 12, 2020 18:57

Thx for the answers but those options were useless to me.

I already found the solution... is really simple that i don't understand why kentico don't have that in documentation...

Roman Hutnyk thx for the hints, with that i found that you can filter page types in the CSS list menu web part.

In the CSSListMenu web part then Content filter / Page types and then you select the types of pages you want to be displayed in the main manu.


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Roman Hutnyk answered on February 6, 2020 17:46

There might be multiple reasons why blog page does not show up in navigation.

I'd start looking for navigation configuration. There might be where condition that filters it out, or there might be page types specified for nav and Blog page type is not there.

Another thing you might want to check is Blog page settings: make sure it has check box Show in navigation checked and the page is published in case you use workflows.

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kotetsu kotet answered on February 6, 2020 19:28

Hello thanks for the quick response.

I already check the 'show in navigation' check box and it is checked but not shown

And i cant't find the conditions in navigation settings to allow blog pages to show in navigation, is that feature really exist?


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Muhammad Zulkamal Zulkifli answered on February 7, 2020 04:53

I would recommend you to use either repeater or Hierarchical viewer to generate your navigation.

Inside repeater & Heirarchical viewer you can choose multiple page type as data source to generate your navigation. And in your transformation you can use Method <%# GetNotEmpty("MenuItemName;BlogName") %> to show your blog title, etc.

Hope this help.

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