Importing EXIF data to page type/media library files

Jon White asked on March 2, 2015 10:34

Hi there,

We are looking at setting up an image library using kentico either with files (page types) or using media library web parts.

We have a number of image files which have EXIF data attached to them (in file properties on windows).

This is probably a massive long shot but is there any way to extract this data and import it as text/tags etc into the page type fields?

Thank you in advance


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Brenden Kehren answered on March 5, 2015 14:04

I don't believe this is available. You'd have to add that possibly in a global event handler after you'd add the custom fields to store the data.

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Martin Danko answered on March 21, 2015 09:09

Hi Jon,

Yes, regrettably functionality like this is not available out-of-the box. You will need to add some custom field and handle import of EXIF data via custom code.

Regards, Martin

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