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Mukesh Kumar asked on August 23, 2014 13:19

Hi, I am using a javascript plugin for slideshow, but the images should reference from javascript folder path and not from the image folder. I need to upload images in javascript folder where i kept my javascript files. Please let me know how can i upload image into javascript folder in kentico 8

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 25, 2014 15:42

For simplicity sake, you should keep them separate. I don't believe there is a way to upload them through the UI because it limits it to JS files only. You'd have to manually copy the files to the file system if you wanted to do things that way.

I'd suggest you follow a best practice or standard.

Custom JS files are stored in /CMSScripts/Custom/

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Joshua Adams answered on August 25, 2014 15:43

Can you do it directly from the folder structure(go to the cmsscripts directory and add your files)? Why does it have to be in that folder? Could you just change the paths to the images folder or store them in the site pages? It doesn't seem like storing images in the cmsscripts folder would be a good practice and may be hard for maintenance.

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Filip Ligač answered on October 5, 2014 16:14

Hi Mukesh,

As Josh pointed out, it really is not a good practice to keep JS files and images in the same folder. It also depends on what kind of images you want to reference (e.g. media files, attachments, icons) but basically for each type of image you upload to Kentico, there are methods for retrieving it in a code behind.

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