How to make filtering work with UniGrid when populating data in code behind?

Kentico Support Engineer asked on January 24, 2014 13:44

How to make filtering work with UniGrid when populating data in code behind?

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Kentico Support Engineer answered on January 24, 2014 13:44

If you are populating UniGrid data in code behind as mentioned in this KB article (, filtering will not work.
Instead of populating like:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    userGrid.DataSource = CMS.SiteProvider.UserInfoProvider.GetAllUsers();

Please register an event handler for userGrid.OnDataReload event in SetupControl:

userGrid.OnDataReload += userGrid_OnDataReload;

And use code similar to:

DataSet userGrid_OnDataReload(string completeWhere, string currentOrder, int currentTopN, string columns, int currentOffset, int currentPageSize, ref int totalRecords)
    return CMS.SiteProvider.UserInfoProvider.GetUsers(completeWhere, currentOrder, currentTopN, columns);
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Gene Spainhour answered on October 30, 2014 21:16

Excellent. So we overcome erroneous documentation with incomplete documentation. If I were writing an api that I wanted people to use, and pay for, I think I would write sample applications. These applications would illustrate how to, for example, implement filtering in a UniGrid populated from an external data set.

One question I read earlier asked, "Can you populate a UniGrid from an external database?" The answer from the so-called expert Kentico developer was "Sure! :)" But he didn't mention how to do it.

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