How to Install Kentico in WebSitePanel?

Nina Albert asked on December 12, 2014 11:29

I noticed that Host4ASP.NET is a hosting partner of Kentico. I went to their official site and found that this web host offers WebSitePanel. I have never used this control panel and I want to know how to install this Kentico in Host4ASP.NET WebSitePanel. Is it easy?

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Host4ASP.NET Hosting answered on December 13, 2014 08:09

Host4ASP.NET provides 1-click installation for Kentico in the WebSitePanel. Before you install this application, there are some preparation work need to be done.

  1. Log in to Control Panel
  2. Make sure you have resolved your domain and pointed to the right IP address.
  3. Make sure you have created a website with the right domain.
  4. Create a database and a database user. Note: Host4ASP.NET has MSSQL 2012 & MSSQL 2014 both installed. We can create a MSSQL 2014 database here.

Image Text Click the "Create Datadase" and "Create Userd" to create the database and database user. When you created the user, please find the database and make them connected. Image Text Image Text 4. Click "Web App Gallery" in the Hosting Space Menu on the left of the page.

Image Text 5. Search "ken" or "Kentico" and click "Install" button. Image Text 6. You will see application version information on the Download Web Application page. Just click "Next" button, the system will download application automatically. Image Text 7. Then you should set Web Application Parameters. Select website, leave Application Name field blank if you want to install Kentico in the root of the web site, select SQL Server 2014 and Choose "Use existing databasez", and then click "Install" button. Image Text 8. Wait a few seconds, you can see the installation result. Click "Launch Kentico", or just go to your website. Image Text 9. You can see the installation wizard, SQL Server name is,1431, input the SQL Server account with db user your created in step 3, and click Next. Image Text 10, Choose "Use an existing database" and input the database name with the DB username you created in step 3. Then, Check "Create Kentico database objects". Click Next button. 11, Wait a while until the installation is finished, then enjoy the journey with Kentico. If you have any questions, click the Live Chat button at each page of Host4ASP.NET to get instant answer.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on December 12, 2014 13:36

Hi Nina,

We do not know if this hosting partner has modified the Kentico installer or not. It would be worthy to ask their support as well - if it is different from the default Kentico installation or not.

Best regards,
Juraj Ondrus

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