How to display data from Uni Selector in MVC?

Samed Škulj asked on January 12, 2022 12:25

I have a uni selector in one of the pages, that holds the data for the testimonial cards. Now I want to display those field from one or every (does not really matter) cards. How to do that in MVC? I have a model for the page itself but should I add the List<TestimonialCards> in the model, or just string TestimonialCards since in the Code I have this, as a field return ValidationHelper.GetString(GetValue("TestimonialCards"), @"");

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Sean Wright answered on January 12, 2022 22:35

There is no UniGrid available in an MVC application. The UniGrid is an ASP.NET Web Forms technology, not an MVC one.

How to retrieve that data entirely depends on where that data is stored in the database for that Page.

If you are using a UniSelector as a Form Control for a Page Type field, then you are responsible for persisting the data stored in the UniSelector to the database.

Any additional functionality, such as database changes, must be implemented in the handlers of the control's events or using the Click event of a Button control used for confirmation.

If you have that part of this resolved, then you'll still need to query the database to retrieve the values that the UniSelector stored and this could be accomplished through several of Xperience's data access APIs.

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