How to delete imported module

Peter Otmar asked on June 4, 2014 20:11

Hi, I've created a new module on site A. Then exported this module and imported to site B. Now as an Administrator I should be able to delete this imported module but cannot. Is there some setting I need when creating a new module to be able to delete it? This module has permission Read and Modify.


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Brenden Kehren answered on June 4, 2014 22:29

I've learned this yesterday, on version 8 when you import from a different instance, the module is marked at a "system" module and it cannot be deleted. You have to manually modify the database records to get this functionality. Here's what I was told by Kentico:

In case you would like to edit imported/staged modules, you can edit the value ResourceIsInDevelopment in the CMS_Resource table. Please just do not do this for system modules, as it may prevent you from future hotfixes/upgrades.

Here's a quote from the docs:

When you create your own modules, they are in "development mode" on the given Kentico instance, and you modify them in any way.

When the package is imported on another instance of Kentico, the module automatically becomes sealed and is no longer in development mode (i.e. it is not possible to edit the module's properties, or create new classes, UI elements, permissions and settings).

So once you make that modification, you can then go and delete the module.

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Peter Otmar answered on June 4, 2014 22:41

Thanks a lot Brenden. However it is kinda strange that if you lets say imported a module with some errors that you couldn't get rid of it easily.

Thanks again Peter

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 5, 2014 06:54

I agree with that 100% Peter. Modules have come a long way and I'd think this is an area for improvement.

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