How is the UniGrid in BizFormEditData.ascx binding data?

Charles Wesley asked on June 13, 2014 18:01

In the BizForm module, when you select a specific BizForm and click on the Data tab, the UI is provided via an iFrame by the BizForm_Edit_Data.aspx page.

All the BizForm_Edit_Data.aspx web form has is a Web User Control, BizFormEditData.ascx.

When I look in the code-behind file, I see that in the Page_Load method there are three event handlers that are defined to "initialize" the unigrid. one of the moethods is OnExternalDataBound.

Nowhere in the code do I see a datasource explicitly defined for the UniGrid, and I'm not sure what the OnExternalDataBound method is triggered by -- it seems like something outside of the context of the code is defining the data for the UniGrid and binding it.

Where/how is this done?

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 16, 2014 06:25

There is some complex (compiled code I might add) that gets the data for that biz form dynamically and dynamically creates the columns and such. So unless you had the full source code version you might not know the full process.

In most of the controls you don't define a datasource, you define a CMS Class (namespace.class) and all the compiled code in the background handles the rest. There are instances when you can provide the datasource but not many.

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