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Miguel Martinez asked on July 13, 2014 00:24

Hello, I require your help to generate the following reports in the intranet portal on Kentico 7:

Report 1- Documents Information with the following fields:

     User name - name of the downloaded Document - url - Department  - number of downloads

Report 2: Pages visited with the following fields:

  Username - visited page - Number of visits

Report 3: Forums with the following fields:

  Username - Name of forum - Number of posts

Report 4: Blogs with the following fields:

 Username - Name of the Blog - url - Department

IMPORTANT: 1 - The field username is required in the filter. The report must bring all the information if a username is not selected. 2 - It doesn´t matter if the username is repeated.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on August 1, 2014 13:24


you can create reports as described here. Some of the data are not tracked by default so you may need to add custom web analitycs.

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