Getting expressions to work in Metadata MVC

Graham Mott asked on July 22, 2019 13:48

I have a page type that can inherit it's metatitle from the root page.

The root page's metatitle is "{%DocumentName%}"

I am using page.GetInheritedValue("DocumentPageTitle").ToString() which only returns it back as a string rather than expanding the expression.

Any ideas how I would go about getting the expanded inherited response?

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Eric Dugre answered on July 24, 2019 22:01

If you're missing the proper context for resolving macros in the MVC application, you can use SetNamedSourceData() to register data. I would change the macro to something like {%CurrentDocument.DocumentName|(identity)GlobalAdministrator%}, then you can resolve the macro like this:

var resolver = MacroContext.CurrentResolver;
resolver.SetNamedSourceData("CurrentDocument", node);
var title = resolver.ResolveMacros(node.DocumentPageTitle);
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Roman Hutnyk answered on July 22, 2019 14:47

It returns the macro that has to be resolved calling appropriate API.

But in your particular case macro would resolve into current document name, so I recommend you to get it directly from API.

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