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Avi a asked on February 4, 2016 13:13


I have a FROM and one of the fields is a dropdown.

In the Data Source I want to use the "Macro expression" option to show drop down option based on culture.

I know how to write the macro but I am not exactly understanding how they want the return to be. What format it needs to be.

i thought this is what is needed but i must be wrong:

Image Text

please advise.

Thanks :)

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 4, 2016 14:12

Hover over each of the datasource options for what they can do or what they are. The macro datasource has to return an enumerator. So you're better off creating a custom macro method and using that method to populate your datasource. OR create a custom form control if you plan to use this a lot.

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