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Kevin Kim-Murphy asked on June 27, 2015 18:03

Hi. We have a form on our website and we are trying to send email notification when the form is submitted.

Here is the behavior we are experiencing.

  • We have setup SMTP through Gmail.
  • We have setup the form Email Notification - Sender Email field with a macro to pull the value from the email field the entered by the user in the form {%emailinput%}
  • When the form is submitted and the email is sitting in the Email Queue we can see that the From email address is the email entered by the user in the form
  • But when the email is delivered the From email address is the Gmail address used to authenticate our SMTP connection.

Obviously we would like the From email address in the delivered email to be that of the person who filled out the form - and not be our internal SMTP authentication address.

Please advise.

Thanks Kevin

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 27, 2015 18:09

Gmail requires a valid, authenticated email address from the address in the FROM field so it's not possible to do this using Gmail, you'd have to use a different SMTP provider for this if you wish to change the FROM sender.

I might ask why would you want to use their email address in the FROM field, vs. a simple email?

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Kevin Kim-Murphy answered on June 27, 2015 18:17

Thanks Brenden - that's a bummer about Gmail - but makes sense.

Reason for desired email address behavior was simply so that form could be easily converted to direct communication with the customer (by customer rep simply hitting reply). But I see a separate email is going to be necessary to do so.

Thanks again!


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