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Christopher Duffy asked on June 25, 2014 14:47

Currently I am working on a piece of a site dealing with events. The goal is to setup an event that people can register that will then send a confirmation email with the link to the event. I know Event Booking has most of those already built in with an Attendee tracker module as well which is great to have for tracking.

My problem is I need to have additional fields than the standard ones for the form that is the default for this. Such as a field for Title or Company. I am running into issues with accomplishing this goal. I have tried to use an Alternative form on the class with no luck and am not sure if this is possible without creating my own custom web part and module based of the existing one.

Is this possible? If so how? Any information that could be provided would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 25, 2014 15:22

Check out the Event Booking document type. In the applications menu go to Development>Document Types. There you can add fields as you need or see fit.

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Christopher Duffy answered on June 25, 2014 15:47

Thanks for the suggestion! The part I need to add fields to though is the registration form when signing up. The location I find for the current fields is in Modules > Events > Classes > Event Attendee. This contains the current form fields as far as I can tell and when someone registers for an event it gets added into that module as well.

I am attempting to add fields to that but currently with no success. When trying to create an alternate form I have no success displaying it as well as the new fields I create on the Alternate form that inherits from the original displays "This field has no database representation."

It looks like I may have to clone the existing web part and module and add the functionality from here but wanted to verify there was no other way before I went down that path. If I can help provide any additional information I would be happy to assist. And again thanks for the suggestion so far!

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 25, 2014 21:25

MOdifying the classes like that in the UI will require you to add those properties in code as well. I don't believe those fields "automatic" like they are for doc types.

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Christopher Duffy answered on June 26, 2014 12:18

Thanks for the help! To resolve my issue and get the results I wanted I went a different route. I copied the webpart for even registration, added in my own fields, and setup a new custom table. The event still registers as normal so the event booking module still shows and then all my data with the additional fields display in my table that I can then query against for different purposes such as pushing to CRM.

Don't know if this works for every situation but for my particular goal this accomplishes everything I need. Hope this helps someone else!

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