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Aaron Hayon asked on December 8, 2015 19:40

I was wondering if there is any diffences/changes in how to implement events as products in Kentico 9 vs past versions. What we are looking to do is allow users to register for an event and pay for that event through Authorize.net. We will also allow for a user to register multiple people through this process. We have already done similar things in Kentico 8 but just want to make sure this should be done the same way in version 9+.



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Martin Danko answered on December 9, 2015 14:32

Hello Aaron,

Yes, for Kentico 9 applies the same approach as for Kentico 8: Events as products in Kentico 8

However, if you would like to see this functionality available out-of-the-box in the next version of Kentico you can vote for it: Kentico UserVoice - Have events as products a default feature of the Kentico CMS

Best regards, Martin

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