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Brenden Kehren asked on November 7, 2014 14:10

How can I enable the screen lock feature from the Admin interface for my end users while they are logged in? FYI,these users have no access to the Admin interface, I need to enable this on the secured portion of my public site.

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Martin Danko answered on November 7, 2014 17:36

Hi Brenden,

Regrettably the screen lock feature is designed for the Administration only. If you are willing to implement such a functionality on the live, you can implement it e.g. using some custom web part where you will use timer in the background and depending on the time of last activity you will lock the screen e.g. using JavaScript.

But maybe another good idear for the UserVoice :)

Best regards, Martin

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 7, 2014 22:00

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