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Don Rea asked on May 16, 2022 19:46

I'm guessing (hoping) that this is a simple newbie question with a simple answer. In the Kentico 11 system I inherited there is a row in CMS_EmailTemplate where the EmailTemplateText value includes a reference to a transformation: ShippingAddress.ApplyTransformation("Ecommerce.Transformations.Order_Address") How do I find and edit that transformation? I don't see it anywhere in the code base so I'm supposing it's in the database somewhere and ought to be edited through the admin interface.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on May 17, 2022 05:42

I would recommend getting familiar with the transformations in general. you see that the transformations are "stored" within the page types. So, you need to look for it in the Page types app. But how to know which page type to check? You can see it from the transformation code name. The default format is: <pageType.CodeName>.<Transformation.CodeName>

So, in your case the page type's code name is 'Ecommerce.Transformations' and transformation you are looking is 'Order_Address'

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