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Richard Blunden asked on October 10, 2017 19:51

Am on version 8.0.18. I am a Global Admin. I go in to the email queue and see thousands of emails waiting! I think we have an issue, yet I cannot select emails and delete them, the delete icon is greyed out as are the Resend All Failed and the Delete All Failed buttons. I am very new to this and am not sure if there is a role I am missing being assigned. Is Global Admin for system and site not sufficient? Thanks in advance for any help. Rich

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 11, 2017 00:45

Hey Rich,

Issue is the email queue is trying to proces the emails which is why you cannot delete them. If you click the Cancel button and patiently wait, it will stop trying to send and you can then clean up the log. If that doesn't work, you may have to attempt to stop the site and then clean them up manually out of the cms_email table. You can also stop the scheduled task that is attempting to send/process the email queue as well and then delete them.

Key is once you can stop the processing, then you can clean them up.

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Matt Nield answered on October 11, 2017 00:56

Hi Rich,

If the email status is either 'Created' or 'Sending', the delete and resend buttons are disabled in the control that displays the email queue. For reference, this is in CMS_Modules\EmailQueue\Controls in the method DisableActionButtons.

As a Global Administrator, you should not need any additional permissions to delete or resend emails.

Ensure that your system is correctly configured to send emails by checking the SMTP settings and that the scheduled tasks are running. You can find out a bit more about this on the 'Sending e-mails' page on the Kentico docs.

If everythign is configured and you can send (and receive) a test email, it's worth checking how long the emails have been in that status for. If they've been there for a while it would point to something going wrong in the process that has led to the email getting stuck. If you have access to the database, look in the CMS_Email table and see how old the EmailLastModified and EmailCreated dates are. You may be able to tally these up with errors in the event log to get further information as to why they have failed.

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Richard Blunden answered on October 11, 2017 16:14

Thanks All.

The email table in SQL did the trick. Just need to ensure O365 mailboxes are setup correctly now as we had a queue backing up for a Loooong time there. Ah the joys of a new position! Thanks again Brenden and Matt.

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